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Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo Will Bring Out The Animal In You

Wild about Scotland? During your stay with us, get in touch with Scotland’s wild side at Edinburgh Zoo. With daily talks and a variety of restaurants and facilities, it’s the perfect day out in Edinburgh.

Smile And Wave At Penguins Rock

Meet Edinburgh Zoo’s famous penguin colony in Europe’s largest outdoor penguin pool. The entire enclosure is designed to be both people-friendly and penguin-friendly. Mock sandy beaches, carved rocks and a stone waterfall feature create the perfect environment for the best-dressed birds at the zoo. While a lower perimeter wall, enhanced viewing areas and interactive learning stations bring you closer to penguins in their natural habitat – giving you an inside look into the inner-workings of the colony.

Panda-ing To Sweetie And Sunshine

Edinburgh Zoo is also home to the only Giant Pandas in the whole of the United Kingdom. The female’s name is Tian Tian, which means Sweetie. The male is called Yang Guang, which means Sunshine. As pandas are solitary animals, both have their own indoor and outdoor enclosures that enable them to scratch, climb and hide out in their natural environment.

Take A Trip Down Under

Another first for the United Kingdom are the cute, cuddly Koalas at Edinburgh Zoo. The Koala Territory is designed to make you feel at home in the Koalas’ natural habitat. A eucalyptus garden leads you into an internal viewing area, so you can get a sneak peak into the day-to-day life of a Koala.

Staying In The Outback

Take a walk on the wild side at Edinburgh Zoo. Stroll along a new walk-through Wallaby Outback exhibit next door to the Koala Territory. If you’re lucky enough, you may see a joey or two among the small herd of swamp wallabies.

Monkeying About On The Budongo Trail

Get up close and personal with chimpanzees in the world’s most innovative, interactive chimp enclosure. With a huge indoor-outdoor environment that mimics their natural environment, learn all about our closest relatives through a variety of viewing galleries, plasma screens, interactive displays, murals and live plants.

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