Family celebration with party hats and confetti

Celebration Dinners and Private Dining at MP’s Bistro

Celebrate with us! Located at the foot of Calton Hill, Parliament House Hotel is not only popular for stylish accommodation, but also for our cosy MP’s Bistro. Despite being so close to Pri...


Stars against a black night sky

A Guide To The Stars Of Our City

Famous Edinburgh Celebrities: Past and Present From the breath-taking Edinburgh Castle and Princess Street Gardens, to the historic hotels and famous pubs, Scotland’s magnificent capital is a star i...


Fireworks coming from Edinburgh Castle during the festival

A Beginner’s Guide to the Edinburgh Fringe

History of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe The Edinburgh Festival Fringe began in 1947, when eight groups of performers arrived in Edinburgh hoping to perform at the first ever Edinburgh International F...


Historic buildings in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s Best Museum and Gallery Exhibitions 2019-20

Fascinating Edinburgh Museum Exhibitions and Gallery Displays Edinburgh is full of culture and history, and there is plenty to see and do in our beautiful city. Bursting with museums, art galleries, t...


Rolling hills and beautiful scenery in the Scottish Borders

Take A Day Trip to the Scottish Borders

Places to visit in the Scottish Borders There’s so much to see and do in Scotland’s capital city. But sometimes you just want to get out of the city for the day. While you could choose from a whol...


A couple trying new foods in a restaurant

A Taste of Scotland

Traditional Scottish Food to try in Edinburgh When you’re visiting Edinburgh, you’ll find plenty of world cuisine to try. But no trip here is complete without a taste of traditional Scottish food!...


Colourful bunting against a blue summer sky

The Best Festivals in Edinburgh this Summer

Our Favourite Summer Festivals in Edinburgh Edinburgh is famous for its festivals all year round. But particularly in the summer months, when huge events, such as the Festival Fringe and Internat...


Colourful musical instruments

What’s on at the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival 2019?

It’s that time of year when all thoughts turn to summer and the festivities happening in the Scottish capital. Here in Edinburgh, famously known as the Festival City, our streets, venues and public ...


Yellow flowers and Calton Hill in the background

Visit Edinburgh in July 2019

We Love Edinburgh in July! If the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh during the Fringe isn’t for you, why not come to Edinburgh in July instead? Quieter, cheaper and a much more relaxing experience, the...


MPs Bistro sign on stone wall

Whats Cooking at MP’s Bistro?

Although Scotland’s capital city has no shortage of restaurants, there’s one Scottish restaurant in Edinburgh that stands out from the rest. MP’s Bistro serves traditional Scottish dishes with a...


Crowd enjoying a summer gig

The Biggest Concerts in Edinburgh this Summer

Edinburgh Summer Concerts 2019 If you’re planning a trip to Edinburgh this summer, we’ve got good news! There are some fantastic Edinburgh summer concerts on the agenda, including the Edinburgh su...


Audience at a theatre show

Catch a Show at Edinburgh Playhouse

Parliament House Hotel is just a short walk from Edinburgh Playhouse. As we are so close, many of our guests enjoy a show at this fantastic theatre during their stay with us. We also offer a delicious...


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