10 Things to look forward to at The Royal Highland Show

Visiting the Royal Highland Show 2024

The historic Royal Highland Show first started over 200 years ago. Today, it’s a showcase for Scottish farming excellence. A chance to meet, touch, smell, taste and take home the best the country has to offer. With thousands of trade exhibitors and the finest animals from across the UK and Ireland. Not to mention, plenty of live music and entertainment. Is it any wonder the Royal Highland Show is one of the most iconic events in Scotland’s calendar? It’s here in Edinburgh from 20th to 23rd June 2024, just a 30-minute drive from our hotel. So, here are ten things to see that you can look forward to on a visit to the Highland Show …

1. Take stock of Scottish livestock at The Grand Parade

Just as its name suggests, the Grand Parade is what the Royal Highland Show is all about. It is (quite literally) a grand display of the country’s premier livestock. Prize-winning cattle wind their way across the Main Ring to the delight of bovine-loving spectators. From your Belted Galloways to your Belgian Blues, it is a rare and wonderful opportunity to see so many different breeds at one time, in one place.

2. Experience the cream of the crop 

In the past, the Highland Show used to travel around 8 electoral regions in Scotland to showcase all that region has to offer. But, ever since 1961, the show has been permanently based at Ingliston Edinburgh. So, in keeping with the show’s historic traditions, each year the show focuses on one of the original 8 areas. In 2024, the presidential team hails from Stirling and will be showcasing all that is wonderful about their region.

3. Enjoy a hammering at The Forge

An ode to the good ol’ days, things really heat up at The Forge as competitors forge their way ahead of the competition in the Scottish Open Farriery Championship horse-shoeing and shoe-making competitions. Watch the masters at work as the sound of hammer hitting metal rings in the background.

4. Get the lay of the land at The Countryside Area

Not to be outdone by the blacksmithery of The Forge, the Countryside Area features a wide array of country sports, activities and rural skills. From the Honey, Goats and Poultry Marquees, to a range of outdoor pursuits, getting back to your rural roots has never been this much fun!

5. Reach record-breaking heights at The Forestry Arena

Witness history in the making at the Forestry Arena as fierce Scottish competitors attempt to break new records at the Scottish Pole Climbing Championships. Enjoy thrilling bike displays, axe throwing and forestry demonstrations too.

6. Eat, drink and be merry at Scotland’s Larder

Enjoy a taste of Scotland with tasty treats from across the country. A must for food lovers the world over, enjoy live demonstrations, tastings, talks and more. Packed with foodie fun, Scotland’s Larder is a veritable feast of entertainment. So plan your day carefully … you wouldn’t want to bite off more than you could chew!

7. Take in the “shear” brilliance of the competitive sheep shearers

Watch on as skilled sheep shearers compete in speed and accuracy. This is one tough competition, guaranteed to draw in the crowds at the Royal Highland Show.

8. Jump into all the action at the Showjumping Ring

Equestrian enthusiasts, head to the Showjumping ring for all the action. Witness horse and rider working as a team as they jump fences around the ring. This is one of the highlights of the Highland Show competitions!

9. Have some Food For Thought at the Cookery Theatre

Come and see some of the best Chefs, Food Writers and Producers from around the country, as they create dishes, answer questions and discuss all things foodie.

10. Take note of all the music and entertainment on offer

Since the Royal Highland Show is a treat for all the senses, enjoy a wide range of live music across the showground.

Visit The Royal Highland Show

With so much to do and see at the Royal Highland Show, it is easy to see why it is one of our favourite events of the year. So, book your tickets and RHS accommodation before it’s too late!