An eco-friendly trip to Edinburgh

How to be eco-friendly on holiday

Looking for ways to be more eco-friendly on holiday? There are plenty of ways you can lower your carbon footprint while still enjoying your travels. Taking care of the environment has never been more important. So, here are our sustainable travel tips to help you have a cleaner, greener trip…

Sustainable travel

If you’re travelling to Edinburgh from within the UK, think carefully about your method of transport. Avoid flying, as this is the least sustainable way to travel.

It is much better to get the train, which is more carbon-efficient. Edinburgh is very easy to get to by train. The main railway station, Edinburgh Waverley, is well-connected. You can get there from London in just over 4 hours, from Newcastle in under 2 hours, or from Glasgow in about an hour. Our hotel is just a short walk from Waverley, meaning there is no need for further transport.

If you’re planning to drive, consider using an electric car, which emits fewer air pollutants than a petrol or diesel vehicle. Many car hire companies offer electric car hire options, and once here we offer discounted car parking around the corner from the hotel.

Passengers reading on a train
Train travel is fast and more carbon-efficient than other modes of transport

Eco-friendly hotel

Staying with us at Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh, you can be assured we take our commitment to the environment seriously.

We reuse and recycle wherever we can, reducing waste as much as possible. We aim to save energy in all aspects of the hotel, from our modern energy-efficient boilers to each energy-saving light bulb. In our hotel rooms, key fobs activate the lights, so all go out automatically when guests leave their rooms. And we work with sustainable suppliers, such as Vegware for compostable glasses.

While staying here, you can play your part too. For example, reuse your linen and towels to avoid unnecessary washing. Have shorter showers to conserve water. Close the curtains to reduce heat loss. Turn off the TV, taps, lights and heating when not required.

Newly refurbished bedroom at Parliament House Hotel
You can play your part by reducing waste and energy use during your stay

Responsible tourism

We encourage all guests to enjoy Scotland responsibly. That means respecting our landscapes, wildlife and heritage while out and about. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code is a guide to your rights and responsibilities, which we recommend you read before you come here.

There are many things you can do to help. Explore the area on foot, by bike, or via public transport, rather than driving. Support local shops and businesses during your visit. Look for good-quality, locally-made gifts and souvenirs. Take your own water bottles out with you, so you don’t have to buy single-use bottles. Take care of outdoor spaces by taking your litter away with you and disposing of it in the correct bin.

View from Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh
Respect the great Scottish outdoors and leave no trace behind

We welcome questions and suggestions, so if you want to know more about our environmental policy, please get in touch.