Girl on a mobile phone outside shops in Edinburgh Scotland

A Definitive Guide to Edinburgh Slang

For any non-native visitor to Edinburgh, trying to understand the local lingo can be a headache worthy task. What are “Baffies” and who are these guys “Ken” and “Barry” that everyone seems to know? Fear not, here at Parliament House Hotel, we appreciate visiting a new city can be disorientating, so we’ve decided to compose […]

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Friday Fun: Scottish Jokes

Scots are renowned for their unique sense of humour. And comedians such as Billy Connelly, Frankie Boyle, Rhona Cameron and Kevin Bridges have become firm favourites on the comedy scene worldwide. So, it’s no surprise there are many jokes about Scotland and its inhabitants. With Edinburgh Fringe Festival taking place in the city in August, […]

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City views of Edinburgh and Glasgow

Edinburgh V Glasgow Sayings

Scottish Phrases and Accents Visiting a new place can often bring new culture, new food and new language. And while Scotland is an English-speaking country, its strong accents and unique Scottish phrases can often leave visitors a little baffled. So first, lets take a look at the Scottish accent. This video from voice coach, Gareth […]

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Traditional Scottish Piper beside Forth Bridge

Weird and Wonderful Edinburgh and Scottish Traditions

Scotland is famous for its traditions. Some Scottish traditions date back centuries, whilst others are more modern and fun. Have you ever wondered why we dive into the freezing cold waters of Firth of Forth on New Year’s Day? Perhaps you want to know why we throw large tree trunks into the air at the […]

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Scottish flag painted on wood and tartan cloth in the corner

Edinburgh-isms: 10 Funny Scottish Phrases You'll Hear in Edinburgh

Funny Scottish Sayings No-one wants to get lost in translation on their holidays. And here in Scotland, English can sometimes sound like an entirely different language altogether. So to help you make the most of your time here, we have put together this helpful guide to getting to grips with our jokes and local lingo. Here […]

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Christmas decorations in front of a gold background

Our Favourite Christmas Traditions in Scotland

Wrapping Up Our Scottish Christmas Traditions Believe it or not, celebrating Christmas in Scotland is a relatively new affair. Unlike the rest of the UK, where unwrapping presents and enjoying large feasts was the norm come Christmas Day, it wasn’t until 1958 that Christmas was officially recognised as a public holiday in Scotland. Before that, […]

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