The Quirks of Our Historic Building

Historic hotel building Edinburgh

Parliament House is a historic hotel located at the foot of Calton Hill in Edinburgh. Our building is made up of several townhouses, connected together. Numbers 9 to 13 were built in the 1760s, while number 15 was built in 1908. Our buildings have had many uses over the centuries. From homes and offices, to the great hotel they form today. So, let’s take a look at some of the little quirks that make our Edinburgh building so unique and special …

Our Historic Hotel, Old and New Town

Hotel entrance

The city centre of Edinburgh is split into two areas, the Medieval Old Town and the Georgian New Town. At Parliament House, we are in the unusual position of being part of both. The oldest part of our hotel was built in the tenement style of the Old Town, and the newer part reflects the classical style of the New Town.

Parliament House Hotel Drinks in Cabinet

Unique Location on Calton Hill

Our location at the foot of Calton Hill makes us very special indeed. Calton Hill is a truly spectacular place! Take a gentle walk to the top and you’ll be rewarded with the most stunning views of Edinburgh. And there’s so much to explore on your way. There’s a collection of ancient monuments and landmarks to discover. Including the National Monument, a war memorial which they started to build in 1826, but never finished due to the lack of funds. It became known as “Edinburgh’s Disgrace”, but many of us have come to love it the way it is. There’s also the new Collective Project, coming soon to Calton Hill. Here, they are restoring the old City Observatory and Dome, and opening a new exhibition space and purpose-built restaurant.

Quirks of Edinburgh Architecture

Wrought Iron Lift Shaft

Our historic hotel is built on a steep slope, so you’ll find a few quirks to the building. And when they converted it into hotel, they had to work with the unusual spaces inside. So, we have a sloped corridor, which connects the reception area to the breakfast room. And our kitchens are tucked away in a little basement. Although they couldn’t find room for a separate hotel bar, they were inventive and used a small cubby hole, which we still keep stocked with Scottish tipples.

Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll see lots of original features while staying with us. For example, the old range of the building is still intact in our hotel breafast room. We have a beautiful wrought iron lift shaft, which is now a very unique phone box. And our ornate hotel interiors reflect the classical style of the Georgian era.

So, visit our historic hotel and enjoy our unusual mix of 18th and 20th century architecture, fascinating Edinburgh history and our very special location at the foot of Calton Hill. You can read more about our heritage here.