Chasing Unicorns in Edinburgh

National Unicorn Day is upon us! This mystical creature has been part of Scottish history for decades. So, why not visit Edinburgh and discover how the beautiful unicorn became Scotland’s national animal? Just a short walk from our central Parliament House Hotel, there are plenty of Unicorn emblems and statues to look out for.

Exploring the History of Unicorns on National Unicorn Day

Unicorn statue with saltire flag in Edinburgh

For thousands of years, people in many countries worldwide believed the unicorn to be a real creature. Eventually in 1825, Baron George Covier dispelled this myth. The scientist said it would be impossible for an animal to have a single horn and a split hoof. However, many still believed the unicorn had existed in the past. And even today, it’s hailed as a magical creature in many global destinations.

King Robert adopted the unicorn as Scotland’s national animal in the late 14th century. The Scots saw the unicorn as a noble and pure, yet strong and powerful creature. So strong and untamed in fact, the unicorn is chained in most depictions. The symbolism of these traits matched Scotland’s attitude of being a strong and proud nation. So, where better to explore the history of these legendary creatures than in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital?

Where to Find Unicorns in Edinburgh?

Unicorn emblem on stone wall in Edinburgh

In Edinburgh, you’ll find a unicorn around every corner. From proud statues to emblems on historic pieces of furniture, you’ll see this mystical creature popping up everywhere. In the 15th century, unicorns appeared on gold coins and on the Royal Scottish coat of arms. These days, you can see these creatures on buildings around Scotland, statues at attractions, and much more.

Why not take a short stroll from Parliament House, and see how many Scottish unicorns you can find in the city centre? Start with a walk along the Royal Mile, and you’ll see a unicorn atop the Merkat Cross by St Giles’ Cathedral. Then, at Edinburgh Castle, you’ll see several unicorns on the Royal coat of arms on castle walls and above fireplaces. Next, head to Holyrood Palace, where a statue of a unicorn and a lion stand proudly at the gates of this Royal residence. Finally, visit Riddles Court, which was the dining place for King James VI. Here, you’ll find a beautiful unicorn fresco.

There’s no better way to celebrate National Unicorn Day than by booking a break in Scotland’s capital. So, take a look at our fantastic affordable rooms and special offers. Stay at Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh, and let the unicorn hunt begin!