The Benefits of taking a UK Staycation

In the UK and Scotland, the staycation is a growing trend. Our own city of Edinburgh is a top travel destination. So why go abroad when there are so many great places to visit right here? Today, we’re taking a look at some of the benefits of holidaying at home…

What is a staycation?

This term merges two words together. “Stay” and “vacation” become “staycation”, meaning a vacation or holiday where you stay in your own country.

Couple looking at a guidemap on a London staycation

Getting to know you …

One of the great advantages of a staycation is that you get to know our wee islands a little better. The UK may be small in size, but it’s huge in terms of history, beauty and diversity. There is so much to see on holidays to Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. And many of us wish to explore the magnificent places right on our doorstep before venturing further afield.

Saving money …

Staying within the UK is often cheaper than going abroad. Expensive flights aren’t necessary, and you don’t have to worry about currency exchange rates.

Walker in the Lake District looking at the scenery

Saving the planet …

As environmental concerns rise, holiday makers are thinking about the impact their trips can have on the planet. Travelling shorter distances and avoiding flights may help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Saving time …

Shorter distances make for quicker journeys, and no wasted time hanging around an airport terminal. Less time travelling, of course, means more time exploring! And if for any reason you need to go home early or change your plans, it’s much quicker and easier. With no time difference on holidays in the United Kingdom, there’s the added bonus of no jet lag too!

Man taking a selfie beneath Edinburgh Castle

Top UK Staycation destinations

So, if you’re thinking of booking a staycation for your next holiday, where should you go? Popular destinations include London, Devon and Cornwall, Lake District, North Yorkshire, Snowdonia and the Scottish Highlands. But top of our list will always be Edinburgh. Our wonderful city has it all. Stunning scenery, amazing history, beautiful architecture, lots of attractions and a vibrant nightlife. We have castles, beaches, famous bridges, an extinct volcano and a year-round programme of festivals and events. Take a look at our latest special offers and book an Edinburgh break at Parliament House Hotel in the heart of all the action, for the perfect UK staycation!