Six Nations Rugby in Edinburgh

Every February and March we welcome rugby fans to our hotel, before they make their way to Murrayfield for the Six Nations in Edinburgh. If you’re planning on joining them in 2019, we advise you to book your hotel early as match weekends are extremely popular and hotels fill up quickly. To get you in the rugby mood, here are some reasons to look forward to the Six Nations 2019 …

Rugby, Rugby and More Rugby

Scottish fans are gearing up for two months of adrenaline-pumping, hard-hitting, bone-crunching rugby action. On the 1st February, the Six Nations 2019 kicks off and Scotland will once again have a chance to throw their rugby weight around. The six nations that will compete in this annual tournament are Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Italy and France.

Home Ground Advantage

Fans will flock to Edinburgh’s BT Murrayfield on the 2nd and 9th February, and the 9th March, in the hope of gaining some home ground advantage. As a proud sporting nation, you can expect fans to fill the streets of Edinburgh as they head out to catch the game live. Or, en route to their favourite watering hole to revel in all the pre and post-match festivities.

Hopefully History Repeats Itself

For any Scot, Scotland’s final game is pretty much the biggest one of the whole tournament – the Calcutta Cup. This year, Scotland will play England on ‘Super Saturday’ 16th March at Twickenham. And the pubs in Edinburgh will be packed with supporters watching the game on the small screen. Forget winning the tournament, it all comes down to whether or not Scotland beats England. Ever since Scotland beat their southern rivals in the first ever rugby union international match in 1871, rivalry between our two nations has been rife. In fact, any true Scottish fan will tell you that there are only two teams in the world to support. Scotland, and whoever happens to be playing England.

Scotland’s Chances

The Scotland Team are strong and we are feeling positive that they will do well in the Six Nations 2019. They are currently ranked 7th in the world, ahead of France and Italy. Ireland may be favourites to win, but Scotland will give them a run for their money.

We’re backing blue .. are you?