Friday Fun: Scottish Jokes

Just for fun …

Scots are renowned for their unique sense of humour. And comedians such as Billy Connelly, Frankie Boyle, Rhona Cameron and Kevin Bridges have become firm favourites on the comedy scene worldwide. So, it’s no surprise there are many jokes about Scotland and its inhabitants. With Edinburgh Fringe Festival taking place in the city in August, here are some typical Scottish jokes to get you warmed up. Then, if that’s got you in the mood, book a room at Parliament House Hotel and enjoy some live comedy in Edinburgh this summer.

Jokes about Scotland

Sometimes, the classics are the best when it comes to funny jokes.

“There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter” – Billy Connolly

“There will be a lot of people watching who will wonder what does a true Scotsman wear under his kilt, and I can tell you a true Scotsman will never tell you what he wears under his kilt. He will show you at the drop of a hat” – Fred MacCaulay

“After last night’s game between England and Scotland, 10,000 beer cans were left in Trafalgar Square by Scottish football fans. Both of them have been arrested.”

“What’s the difference between a lawn mower and a bagpipe?  You can tune a lawn mower.”

The Birth of the Scottish Kilt

Some jokes about Scotland are from non-Scottish comedians. And thanks to our great Scottish humour, we can laugh at ourselves. Here, English comedian Michael McIntyre summarises how the Scottish kilt was created: 

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Where better to hear the best Edinburgh jokes than at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival? Every August, for three weeks, the city is alive with comedians, musicians and performers. The annual event has been a platform for many successful careers of comedians and actors. Billy Connolly appeared at the festival in 1972, and Rowan Atkinson, Steve Coogan and Russell Brand all performed on Fringe stages.

So, if you love comedy and want to hear some more Scottish gags, take a festival break at Parliament House Hotel. We’re just a short stroll from Edinburgh Fringe venues, as well as all-year-round comedy shows at the capital’s pubs and theatres.