The Best Ghost Tours to visit in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Ghost Tours to send Shivers down your Spine

It is no secret that Scotland is one of the most haunted countries in the world. and Edinburgh certainly has its fair share of ghost stories to tell. So, we have chosen some of the best Edinburgh ghost tours to scare you silly on your next visit. Check out our haunted Edinburgh breaks too!

The Cadies and Witchery Tours

The creators of the Murder and Mystery Tour, the original Edinburgh ghost tour, most definitely have experience in scaring the wits out of people. Cadies and Witchery Tours operate two evening walks around Edinburgh, as well as The Witchery Murder and Mystery Tour. This tour is actually led by a deceased tour guide, so if you have any questions on Edinburgh’s past, this is the chance to ask them! Witchery Tours are a mixture of humour and scares, so it will be sure to be amusing.

Mercat Tours

Mercat Tours have exclusive access to Blair Street Underground Vaults which makes for a one-of-a kind experience. You can also organise a private tour, so you can tailor the scares to your specific needs – you can even enjoy extras such as a foreign language guide. A very unique and interesting addition to Mercat Tours to note is the “Outlander Experience” which explores the land visited in “Outlander”, the TV show. This tour includes stories of witchcraft, curses and clans – this specific tour is more spooky than scary.

City of the Dead

When it says on their website “can cause physical and mental distress”, you know that this tour is no laughing matter. There’s the chance to go in Edinburgh’s underground city and take the Graveyard Tour, which consists of Covenanter’s Prison and the Black Mausoleum.  All of the City of the Dead tour walks are written and researched by the award-winning novelist, J. A. Henderson, who has written many non-fiction books on the underground city, the Mackenzie Poltergeist and of course, the very haunted Edinburgh.