Edinburgh ghost tours to send shivers down your spine

The best ghost tours in Edinburgh

It is no secret that Scotland is one of the most haunted countries in the world. And Edinburgh certainly has its fair share of ghost stories to tell. So, we have chosen some of the best Edinburgh ghost tours to scare you silly on your next visit.

The Cadies and Witchery Tours

Cadies and Witchery Tours operates two main tours around Edinburgh, the Ghosts and Gore Tour and the Greyfriars Cemetery Tour. These tours are led by character tour guide Alexander Clapperton (deceased) and his spooky pals, so if you have any questions on Edinburgh’s past, this is the chance to ask them! Caddies and Witchery Tours are a mixture of humour and scares, so it’s sure to be entertaining.

Mercat Tours

Mercat Tours has exclusive access to Blair Street Underground Vaults, which makes for a one-of-a kind experience. Ghost tours include “Hidden and Haunted”, “Ghostly Underground” and “Doomed, Dead and Burried”. You can also organise a private tour, so you can tailor the scares to your specific needs – you can even enjoy extras such as a foreign language guide.

City of the Dead

When it says on their website “can cause physical and mental distress”, you know that this tour is no laughing matter. There’s the chance to go to Edinburgh’s underground vaults and Greyfriars Graveyard, including the Covenanter’s Prison and Black Mausoleum. All of the City of the Dead tour walks are written and researched by the award-winning novelist, J. A. Henderson, who has written many non-fiction books on the underground city, the Mackenzie Poltergeist and of course, the very haunted Edinburgh. 

The Ghost Bus

For something a little different, The Ghost Bus is a comedy-horror bus tour. Climb onboard a classic 1960s Routemaster bus, painted ‘midnight-black’ and furnished with antique lamps and red velvet curtains. This is a sightseeing bus with a difference! See the darker side of Edinburgh’s attractions and landmarks with a comedic twist.

Auld Reekie Tours

Auld Reekie Tours offer a choice of ghostly underground and graveyard tours. Exploring burial grounds, underground vaults, ancient landmarks and instruments of torture! Popular tours include “The Greyfriars Graveyard Tour” and the “Haunted Vaults Tour”. As part of the underground vaults tour, visit a witchcraft temple and stone circle, previously home to a witches coven.

As you can see, there is a wide choice of ghost tours to choose from here in Edinburgh. Book your stay at Parliament House Hotel and delve into the darker side of the city with one of these spooky experiences. Check out our Underground City haunted breaks too!