Taking an Edinburgh to London train that suits you

Travelling on an Edinburgh to London train is a great way to see the country in comfort. Rolling countryside, breathtaking coastlines and amazing city architecture all pass by your window on the route down. There are many different options to choose from too – keep reading to find out which suits you best.

Whatever type of train you go for, if you can book a window seat it’s often worth doing. This is because although some trains offer table seats or airline-style seats, but not all seat come with windows! So if you are travelling for the views, above all plan ahead.

Fast Edinburgh to London Trains

Edinburgh Waverley Train Station at night

Sometimes, you just need to get to where you’re going, fast. This might be because you plan on travelling from Edinburgh to London on train and back again on the same day.

Trains offer regularly scheduled departures from Waverley Train Station, with an average of 33 leaving each weekday. The average Edinburgh to London train time for these services, for example, is four and a half hours. Some trains are a bit faster, some a bit slower, just remember to check this when you book.

An exciting new type of train hits the streets in 2019. Azuma is the name given to a new stock of train from LNER. Azuma trains will have more leg room in their comfier seats and have a better wifi connection for travellers too. More good news is that there will be more trains on the tracks in total, from 45 to 65. More regular departures on bigger trains means over 100 extra seats each day.

Each seat will also have its own plug socket, meaning no more stretching over other passengers to plug in your iPad! The first Azuma trains from London to Edinburgh start on the 1st August, so keep your eyes peeled.

This isn’t the end of the fast train story though. FirstGroup recently announced it had ordered five Hitachi AT300 trains to take on LNER from autumn 2021. With average fairs of under £25, this is a great piece of news for passengers.

Sleeper Trains from Edinburgh to London

If you are in no rush and would like to make your train journey more of an experience, why not consider travelling on an overnight sleeper train? The Caledonian Sleeper offers an experience many people never think to enjoy, and can transport you through time to the days of more leisurely travel.

In total, the train takes around seven and a half hours to travel down to London, getting you into the city just after 7am, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the day and visit all the sites you want.

And if you want to, you could even get the sleeper train tickets from London to Edinburgh and experience it all over again!

Great ways to see the country

To sum up this quick introduction to Edinburgh to London trains, you’ll agree there are many great
choices. Parliament House Hotel sits only minutes away from Waverley, Edinburgh’s main train stations. This means we’re an excellent base to explore not only the capital city, but all of the UK. Why not book your stay with us today and see how far you can travel?