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Surviving Edinburgh At Christmas

Deck the halls with bells of holly, ’tis the season to be jolly. But for some, Edinburgh at Christmas is nothing short of a nightmare on Princess Street. As the streets are lit up like the 4th of July, droves of people flock to Scotland’s vibrant capital for all the festive festivities. It’s survival of the festive-season-fittest, and the pressure to entertain or be entertaining is harder than ever to ignore. To help you make it through the festive season in one piece, we’ve put together everything you need to know about surviving Edinburgh at Christmas.

Relax, Put Your Feet Up

While there is nothing better than spending Christmas with your family, this festive season, give yourself the gift of a quiet, relaxing Christmas in Edinburgh. Book into your favourite Edinburgh hotel with your nearest and dearest and avoid the crowded house, never-ending mounds of dishes and long, awkward silences at the end of each day.

Feet in Christmas socks in front of a roaring fire


Disconnect And Reconnect

If you find yourself in Edinburgh at Christmas in the thick of festive things, make sure you take the time to power down with a much-needed virtual break. Take a walk through Santa Land, get lost in the Christmas Tree Maze, take in a show or two, or go ice skating in St Andrews Square where you can sample the very best of local Scottish wares at the Scottish Market.

Chalk board with Like Me written on it in chalk.


Work On Yourself

Of course, if you’re a workaholic, disconnecting from the online world could prove challenging. Having a personal life shouldn’t be hard work. So if you happen to work 24/7 and be in Edinburgh at Christmas, take the time to work out a work-life balance this festive season.

Signs you’re heading for a New Year burnout:

  • You’ve decorated your desk, your office, you chair and your parking space, but your home continues to remain tinsel free.
  • You missed drinks with your mates three years in a row, but have started putting cocktail umbrellas in your morning cup of coffee.
  • Your holiday bucket list is starting to resemble a short novel.
  • You know the names, date of birth and country of origin of everyone in your office, but forgot your mother’s last birthday.
  • You reserved your favourite table in the canteen for Christmas day lunch … in January.

Cappuccino with christmas tree decorated in the foam


Mull Things Over

If all else fails, Edinburgh at Christmas is sure to be a merry one. Enjoy the age-old tradition of mulled wine and cider as you toast the bells and celebrate a New Year that promises to be even better than the last.

Scrabble tiles that spell out Happy New Year

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