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5 Local Secrets to Visit on your next Edinburgh Break

Are you tired of all the well-known places and tourist traps you’ve visited in Edinburgh? Do you want to visit somewhere a little more off the beaten path where you can still have a great time? Look no further; we present our list of our top 5 local secrets to visit on your next Edinburgh break!

Lickety Splits

If you have a sweet tooth then Lickety Splits is the local secret you’ve been missing on your Edinburgh break. Kids aren’t the only ones who love to enjoy a sugary treat and this lovely little place is teeming with nostalgia. You’ll feel like you’ve just walked in to the Candy Man’s shop from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Address: 6 Jeffrey St, Edinburgh, EH1 1DT.

Cairngorm Coffee Co.

For the coffee and cheese toastie lovers among us, there’s Cairngorm Coffee Co. As expected, they specialise in coffee and have found the perfect blend of Indian Tiger Stripe, Costa Rican and Sumatran Mandheling coffee beans! The shop itself is very relaxed and is a great place to wind down and grab one of Cairngorm’s famous mouth-watering cheese toasties.

Address: 41a Frederick Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1EP.

One Spa

Speaking of unwinding, One Spa is the perfect local secret to help remove those frown lines and put a look of sheer bliss on your face. Whilst the spa isn’t cheap, you won’t have any regrets as this is worth every penny.

Address: 8 Conference Square, Edinburgh, EH3 8AN.

Dr Neil’s Garden

Fittingly known as Edinburgh’s Secret Garden, this beautiful and compelling garden is completely free for public use. Escape to the garden for your own dose of tranquillity.

Address: Old Church Ln, Edinburgh, EH15 3PX.

Tom Riddell’s Grave

If you’re a Harry Potter fanatic, you will want to take the trip to Tom Riddell’s grave during your Edinburgh break. We promise we don’t have the spelling wrong – this is the grave of a real man named Thomas Riddell who is thought to have inspired JK Rowling’s utmost villainous character, Tom Marvolo Riddle – better known as Voldemort.

Address: 1 Greyfriars, Edinburgh, EH1 2QQ.

So there you have it – our top 5 local secrets you can visit on your next Edinburgh stay! It only leaves one question: How many of these fantastic local secrets can you squeeze in to visit on your next Edinburgh break?

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