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Usher Hall

The story of the Usher Hall begins in 1896, when Andrew Usher, a whisky distiller and blender, had the idea for a new concert hall and donated £100,000 (£10m in today’s money) towards the project. Sadly, he died two years later before construction had begun. He never saw his dream come true, but the hall was named in his honour.

Usher’s widow officially opened the building in March 1914, just a few months before the outbreak of the First World War. There were three opening concerts, featuring music from Bach, Beethoven, Handel, MacCunn and Wagner. Whatsmore, it opened in ironic circumstances, under temperance, built on proceeds of a Brewery!

The hall can seat approximately 2,200 people. The building is very ornate, with unusual curved walls, sculpted figures and great acoustics! Inside, the focal point is a great organ, which was built in 1913 and restored in 2002.