Meet The Tyrannosaurs

We all know about the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the largest land predators of all time. But, did you know, there was a whole family of tyrannosaurs, which lived in the Northern Hemisphere during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods? The latest exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, ‘Tyrannosaurs’, explores this fascinating group of dinosaurs.

Cutting-Edge Dinosaur Exhibit

This is a must for all dinosaur enthusiasts! It’s the most comprehensive exhibition of the tyrannosaur ever mounted. And, this is its only European stop! With several cast skeletons, showing a variety of different tyrannosaur species, there is much to see. From the tiny Dilong Paradoxus to the enormous T Rex, rare fossils, dinosaur models and interactive displays it really is a great day out.

Scotty, King of the T-Rexs

So who is Scotty? Well, we think he’s the highlight of this dinosaur exhibit. A cast skeleton of Scotty The T-Rex, the largest ever Tyrannosaurs Rex on record. He is also one of the eldest, at over 30 years old when he died. Scotty would have been around 14 metres long and over 8,800 kg in weight. But you can only really get a sense of scale by seeing him for yourself!

Scotty T Rex Cast Skeleton in Edinburgh

Museum Late: Jurassic Party

Maybe, you’d prefer to experience the exhibition after dark? Then come along and join the Jurassic Party. Get involved in this adult-only event that takes place on the evening of 13th March after the museum has closed to the public. Additionally, there is access to not only the exhibition but live music, comedy and a whole programme of dinosaur-themed activities! So come along and get involved in this truly unique experience!

Book Your Tickets:

Tyrannosaurs Exhibition

Thursday 23rd January to Sunday 4th May 2020
Tickets from £12 per adult.
Suitable for all ages. Concessions and family tickets available.

Museum Late: Jurassic Party

Friday 13th March 2020
Tickets from £20 per adult.
18+ only. Concessions and group tickets available.

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