Educational & fun things to do in Edinburgh

Amongst the many attractions in Edinburgh, there are some which offer the chance to learn something about ourselves or the world around us. Whether you are looking for a free activity for the kids or want to visit a premium city centre attraction, here are a few of our favourite educational and fun things to do in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle

Top of the list has to be the castle. It dominates the skyline, and has done for centuries. It has played a pivotal role in Scotland’s history, and holds Scotland’s Crown Jewels. Furthermore, it is a must-see destination for military buffs, as it hosts National War Museum. Plan your visit to Edinburgh Castle here.

National Museum of Scotland

Looking for something free to do which will keep everyone entertained for hours? The National Museum of Scotland, situated on Chambers Street, is the perfect place to learn about our history. From the beginnings of the Earth to the development of technology and culture, the museum has something for everyone. There are plenty of interactive exhibits, and also hosts special touring exhibitions throughout the year. The museum also houses Dolly the sheep, the first cloned mammal, in its science section. Plan your visit to the National Museum of Scotland here.

Camera Obscura attraction.

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is one of the more unique attractions in Edinburgh. This attraction, located just next to Edinburgh Castle at the top of the Royal Mile, combines optical illusions with a special rooftop view of the city through a Victorian-era camera obscura. It’s the perfect place to learn about light and our perception of the world around us – and how this can be manipulated. A perfect place for kids and grown ups to learn and have fun. Plan your visit to Camera Obscura here.

Dynamic Earth

Interested in finding out more about the history and evolution of our planet? Dynamic Earth, under the shadow of Arthur’s Seat, offers an immersive journey through billions of years, from the big bang to modern climate change. Highlights include a real ice-berg, experience what it feels like to be in an earthquake and discover the stars in a 6K planetarium. Plan your visit to Dynamic Earth here.

Dynamic Earth from above.

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The world-leading Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is one of the best places in the country to explore and understand the flora around us. Spanning over 70 acres, the garden features a vast collection of plants from across the world. Walk around by yourself, or book onto a tour to spend time with the experts. Plan your visit to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh here.

The Writers’ Museum

Scotland has produced some of the greatest writers ever to put pen to paper. Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson all have sections dedicated to their life and work. This museum showcases manuscripts, portraits, and personal artifacts, offering a deep dive into Scotland’s literary heritage. Entry is free with a recommended donation. Plan your visit to the Writers’ Museum here.

The Scottish Parliament entrance.

Scottish Parliament

Visit the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood to learn about the workings of Scotland’s government. Guided tours provide insights into the architecture of the building, the history of Scottish devolution, and the legislative process. Attend a parliamentary debate or explore the interactive exhibits in the visitor center, all for free. Plan your visit to the Scottish Parliament here.

Learn as you visit

There are many educational and fun things to do in Edinburgh. Learn as you play in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and don’t forget to stay in one of the most beautiful hotels too. Parliament House Hotel is a short walk from most of these attractions, including the castle, parliament and the camera obscura. Take a look at our offers and book your trip to Edinburgh today.