Edinburgh Attractions not just for Kids

As a bustling hub of culture and history, Edinburgh isn’t short on things to do. And there are attractions in plentiful supply for both children and the young at heart. So, read on to get the rundown on our top five Edinburgh attractions not just for kids.

National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is Edinburgh’s top free attraction. Exploring heritage, technology, science and the arts, all under one roof. Housing over 70,000 artefacts, the museum is composed of multiple floors exploring the past, present and future. With loads of fun interactive activities, it’s a hit with the kids. But there’s so much to see and discover, that all ages will be thoroughly entertained.

Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo is home to over a thousand rare and endangered animals. A visit to this popular attraction is certainly not just for the wee ones, although they will love it too. With daily talks, feeds and the famous Penguin Parade, plus underwater viewing, the zoo is a wonderful day for animal lovers big and small. We offer and Edinburgh Zoo Experience Package. Here you can spend the day enjoying the tigres, rhinos, kangaroos, flamingos and all then return to the comfort of our hotel in Edinburgh’s city centre.

Dynamic Earth

This is Edinburgh’s amazing science museum, where you’ll learn all about our dynamic planet. Go back in time and find out how the earth first began, experience the trembles of an earthquake and feel the numbing coldness of an iceberg. You can also catch a unique show within the Show Dome Cinema, where images and sounds completely envelop you. Whatever your age, you’ll learn something new on a visit to Dynamic Earth! Our Edinburgh hotel is perfectly situated to walk, bus, cycle or taxi along the rode to Dynamic Earth – set at the foot of Arther’s seat (a famous Edinburgh walk).

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

The Camera Obscura is Edinburgh’s oldest purpose-built attraction. See the Victorian camera show at the top of the tower, and then work your way through a maze of optical illusions and mind-bending trickery. This is the perfect place to be a big kid in Edinburgh.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Founded in the 17th century as a centre for scientific study, the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh continues as a centre for research and education. With consistent funding since the 19th century, the gardens have grown in size and variety. Filled to the brim with exotic plants, they host light show events and create an unparalleled natural paradise. So, although it’s a great space for the kids to run around and explore, there is plenty to keep the grown-ups interested too.

Be a Big Kid in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh is teeming with unique places to visit suitable for all ages. So, why not take a look at our special offers and book a stay today? A day or two gallivanting around the city and we’re sure you’ll agree – these Edinburgh attractions are not just for kids!